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About Us

Hey There,
Firstly, welcome to Indie Willow Designs.
My name is Sarah! I am a mum of two sassy, wild, beautiful little girls, married to my best friend Justin and I am the owner of Indie Willow Designs! 
We live in Dalby QLD and is the home of Indie Willow Designs , but I was born and raised in a small country town called Wee Waa, which is located in North West NSW. 
I started Indie Willow Designs in 2021 as the girls and I absolutely love scrunchies with all the hair benefits from using them and also because they are cute little accessory to style with your outfit.
I love sewing, crafting and being able to provide others with quality items that are made with love and dedication and knowing that every piece will hold that feeling.

Our name Indie Willow Designs came from my two best creations and the most precious beings in this world.. yes, you guess it.. my two daughters Indianna-Rose (Indie) and Willow-Leigh (Willow). 

Indie is our sassy first born. But we don’t let her sass fool us! She is a fun, kind hearted beauty. She also loves being creative and you can always find her with her pencils drawing or writing. 

Willow is our little fairy! She is such a little character.. Wild but caring and loves a good snuggle. She is absolutely bug crazy and loves being adventures. You will always find her in the garden in her own little world.

I would like to Thankyou for visiting and supporting Indie Willow Designs. I truely appreciate you!
If you have any questions or would like to get in contact, please contact me via our contact us page or our social media as I’m always happy to help.
And don’t forget if your not already, follow us on Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date and get to know us a little more by following our journey and behind the scenes. 

Much Love,

Sarah x